the journey of the intuitive

Welcome to this safe, gentle and loving platform. We created this space for all that are drawn to deeper meaning, for those that are curious and introspective. For those seeking clarity in what can be a confusing and difficult world to navigate.

The experiences that we encounter in our lives, are reflected in the stories we go on to write and the path we move forward on. We believe in the power of free-will, and as such we do not seek to dictate or determine the future. Simply, we listen to the truths that already exist, delicately encouraging you to do the same.

Our services are unique because they carry messages that are inherently significant, without the restriction of time or place. They are written with the intention of you being forever able to come back to them, sit with the energy and realize something new each time.

and with that, we call in love..

This idea was founded on a fundamental craving for connection and truth. From a young girl, I processed my thoughts and intuitions through my writing. It was a process of catharsis for me, something that I had to do without question. The messages were inside of me, and with pen and paper is where they emerged into our physical reality. Being in that state of divine flow; not so much thinking, but rather feeling - is where I began to witness my magic.

Nevertheless, this magic remained a solo-journey until a few years ago when I picked up reading tarot. What once were intuitive musings in the safety of my bedroom, became deep-channeled conversations with those who felt called to be closer to their truth. Tarot happened to be the perfect bridge, a vessel of understanding between the journey of who I was reading for and the words I knew they needed to hear.

Today, I have built a soul-family of clients all over the world who find comfort and confidence in my services. I use a mixture of tarot and channeled-intuition to bring what's in the subconscious to the light, and take you along to witness your own journey. It is my hope that this family will continue to grow, holding your hand in unlocking your own truth and the secrets of your story here in this lifetime.

  • I would 100% recommend Jodie for a reading, everything she has told me so far has been spot on. I absolutely love hearing what she has to say, she even helped me get rid of my toxic ex and I'm so thankful for that. Jodie is friendly, kind and always responds quickly. Will always be coming to her from now on.


  • Jodie! This is just too perfect and wild. Like so spot on. Your connection to Spirit inspires me everytime you read for me! Thank you so so so much!


  • Thank you so much for reading! It was very in depth. Your words really spoke to me and the message definitely resonated. I really appreciate the time and effort that went into this. Thank you again!


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